Clean body and rims

Winter is the toughest period of the year for each vehicle. Difficult conditions are subjected to an engine that often refuses to obey. The salt, which is used in the coldest months, is adversely affected by the suspension or bodywork of the vehicle. In combination with moisture, it is an ideal environment for the development of rust, which can surprise drivers even relatively new, because of several years of vehicles. An important task after the winter period is to remove it completely from the entire surface of the car. Appropriate treatments in specialized companies give excellent results, however, they cost at least a few hundred pounds. If we care about the perfect look of each element, the idea seems appropriate. Basic cleaning without a problem, however, we do without professional help, and personal care will also satisfy us.

Good to know

Washing a car is, contrary to appearances, a difficult procedure. If we want the body to shine with a smooth surface, we have to follow a few basic rules. The first one concerns a good place to clean the car. Washing a car under a block is not the best idea because of the regulations in force. It is also worth thinking about a shady place. If we decide to wash in the sun, we can quickly become discouraged. Water in the blink of an eye evaporates, causing unwanted stains. The same applies to the application of various types of body cosmetics, which should not be used in full sun. A good idea may be to use rubber gloves. Some cleaners are concentrates that can irritate the skin.

Preparation for the procedure

To get rid of salt from the surface of the car, before you start car body care, it’s worth to thoroughly wash the entire vehicle with a pressure washer. For a few pounds, we can use such a device in a car wash. Do not forget about the chassis, which is the most exposed to salt. A visit to a self-service car wash saves a lot of time.