Prevent flooding candles?

The first element that will prevent the flooding of candles is their technical condition. Remember to exchange them regularly, according to the manufacturer’s instructions – from 30,000 to even 100,000 kilometers. Deciding to exchange them, let us try to choose products from renowned companies such as Bosch, NGK, and Iskra.

Another element that has an impact on the lack of filling spark plugs is a properly charged battery and an effective starter. Especially before the winter period, it is worth checking what technical condition the said elements are in.

During the check, also check the charging of the alternator. Do not forget about the appropriate engine oil, which according to the parameters can be used during low temperatures. Let’s also take care of the quality of fuel that we supply to our vehicle – a lot depends on it. What’s more, once in a while it is worth using a fuel additive that will ensure the proper cleanliness of the injection system.

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And what about ignition cables?

Ignition cables are a separate topic. Their technical condition is very important. What’s more, it is not enough to check the correctness of their operation. It is worth, and indeed it is necessary to check their insulation, whether it has no rubs or is in its entirety. Their failure may lead to uneven engine operation, but also flooding the spark plugs.

Deciding to exchange them, try to choose products from reputable companies. Replacement of ignition cables is very simple and should not cause anyone a problem, so it’s worth trying to change it yourself. Remember: if a long attempt to start the vehicle did not bring a decent result, it is highly likely that spark plugs have been flooded.