Renewing the headlights in the car

Lamps in our cars are still operating on the front lines. For this reason, they are exposed directly to many unfavorable factors. First, all kinds of pollution, such as water, mud, gravel or sand. Secondly, they are affected by atmospheric factors, such as sun, frost or not very clear precipitation.

What are the dull lamps in the car?

Dusting lampshades, loss of transparency, change in color and minor mechanical damage, as a result, make the lights no longer meet 100% of their task. Even the illumination of the road after dark is getting worse, and this already significantly translates into comfort and safety of traveling. To top it all, it is worth noting that the destroyed lamps look very unsightly, and our car gives the impression that it was much older than it really is.

Restoring them to their former appearance is not too complicated. Of course, you can buy new lamps, but this is the most expensive solution. You can also go to a specialized plant. Unfortunately, such a service costs one time from 150 to 300 pounds and you have to repeat it from time to time, so over a few years, it will be a considerable cost. It is worth finding out how to effectively regenerate the headlamps in your car.

Before you start working on headlight regeneration, you need to take care of some essential accessories that you will use during cosmetics. First of all, it is necessary to purchase water paper with which you will remove the biggest scratches and tarnishing. This is not a big expense – 10 pounds is enough for several treatments. It is best to buy water paper with granulation P1000, P1500, and P2000 (different grain thickness). If your lamps are badly damaged, P500 granulation paper will also be useful. For one cleaning you will most often use a 10×10 cm piece (we’re talking about every type of paper here).