Spring replacement of the air filter

The car air filter improves the air quality that reaches the engine compartment. Its main task is to capture dust, sand and other airborne pollutants. A clogged filter does not stop them, and then contaminants get through, among others to the oil, which adversely affects the condition of piston rings or turbochargers, which can seize. Repair costs can be considerable, so it is better to act prophylactically and check the condition of the filter regularly.

When to make an exchange?

When it comes to filtering replacement, in this respect each car should be treated individually. Manufacturers recommend exchanging it more or less after traveling 20-40 thousand. km. Due to its low cost, we recommend sticking to this lower limit. The second issue concerns the conditions under which the vehicle is operated. If we often travel on dirt roads full of gravel and sand, we force the filter to work intensively. In such cases, it is worth exchanging after driving around 15 thousand. km. The course is not the only determinant. After about 3 years of use, the filters start to crumble. This means that its particles along with the sucked air can get into the engine, which effects we already know. So if the car is used only sporadically, it is worth paying attention to this parameter.

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Replacing the air filter is not a complex task requiring specialist automotive knowledge. We offer tips on how to make a replacement step by step so that it runs smoothly.