Start the engine

The first thing to keep in mind is not to employ family, friends, and strangers to run “privy” under any circumstances and not to tow the vehicle in order to run it. Unless we want to hurt him and, by the way, when he comes to covering the cost of repairing the serious damage. Broken timing belt and its consequences – engine overhaul will hurt you. You can risk it in a car worth 500 pounds.

If the starter is unable to start the engine, the starter should be replaced immediately! New or regenerated! In a large part of cases, the starter also has the right to wear. Especially in cars that are used intensively, but mostly on short routes, which is associated with many starts and shutdowns of the engine within 24 hours.

Check: Bumper repair

However, the starter itself is not always to blame. Sometimes other components of the car are the cause of the failure. And it is they who blame us on no-fault, an effective starter.

We will now look at these types of problems, dividing them into two groups. The first one is situations in which our starter is operational, and yet the engine does not start. The second group is situations in which the car starter is guilty of the fact that our machine does not want to start.